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Pench National Park – Tiger Safari

Pench National Park is now also a tiger reserve under the Project Tiger program. The forest of Seoni Hills of which Pench NP is part gained fame when Lord Rudyard Kipling penned the book based on Mowgli the wolf child titled “The Jungle Book”.

The Pench tiger reserve is now famous for being a home to the severely endangered Bengal Tiger in India. Tiger survive in good numbers in the 700 sq km park besides the Central Indian Mammals, Birds and Reptiles. The dry deciduous tropical forests at Pench in MP exhibit impressive bio diversity in terms of flora and fauna.
Pench National Park
Bird species and other small life is yet to be check listed since the mega fauna get all the attention. But good work is being done by wildlife biologist and naturalist in discovery of Pench forests in India.

Tigers, leopards, Indian wolf, wild dogs, sloth bear, bison, deer can be seen in the tourist zone of the park – core zone. Spotted deer constitute the main prey base of the tiger besides the Sambar Deer. Other animals that can be seen easily are the Jackal, wild boar, Macaque monkeys, peafowl and small wildlife like mongoose, ratel and civet cats. The Pench River end in a dam named Totla Doh. This water body is ideal for water birds, reptiles and fishes. In dry summers it becomes the lifeline of park for thirsty animals.
Pench Tiger Safari
The park is home Central Indian wildlife species and a jeep safari offers best wildlife watching. The park does not have extensive meadows as other National Parks in Central India. The canopy is mixed deciduous dry type with excellent food factor. Large number of wild animals and birds are seen on jeep excursions.
Tiger Tour Package
Park opens on October 16th and closes on June 31st. Except the holiday rush all times are good time for wildlife safari at Pench. We will organize the tiger safari for you please contact us. The package includes hotel accommodation, travel, meals and excursions in the National Park.

Pench is well connected by Air with Nagpur with New Delhi. Nagpur is 80 kilometer from Pench. Another option is to fly to Jabalpur from New Delhi and drive approximately 200 kms to Pench tiger reserve.

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