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Jabalpur Package Tours


Heart & Soul Spiritual Tour of Narmada

A Spiritual Odyssey
Tour includes visit to Marble Rocks, Dhuandhar Fall, Chausath Yogini, River Narmada and Lameta Ghat for spiritual experience.

Spiritual Destinations
Jabalpur RocksLand of Gond Kings & Queens
Our Spiritual Package Tour at Narmada in Jabalpur takes you to the fabulous Marble Rocks for boating in betwixt the amazing colored marble rocks and sightseeing at Dhuandhar Falls. Visit Chuasath Yogini Temple with idols of Yoginis of Goddess Durga exquisitely carved out of stone and the magnificent Shiva Temple in midst.
Lametaghat - Limetsone formations are of geological significance with origin dating to the period of dinosaurs.   The bones found in the limestone beds here indicate the presence of Theropod (carnivorous dinosaur) species, Rajasaurus Narmadensis and Sauropod (herbivorous dinosaur). Visit Ashram of Holy Sage at Lameta Ghat on Narmada Bank.
Holy NarmadaSpiritual journey
Meditate on the banks of Holy River Narmada or engage in deep daan, spiritual discourse and chants with learned Hindu Saints. The Yogis are spiritual masters who enlighten you on spirituality and ancient Hindu Philosophy. Visit Temples - Gurdudwara. Attend fairs and festivities on the river banks, go shopping or just enjoy the spiritual ambiance.
Tour Itinerary
Day 1 - Arrive Jabalpur - night stay at The Penthouse
Day 2 - 8.00 AM Tea & Breakfast
8.30 AM Leave for Marble Rocks at Jabalpur
9.00 AM - Reach Marble Rocks - Boat Ride - Curio Shopping
10.00.AM - Visit Chausath Yogini Temple
1.00 Visit Dhuandhar Falls - Cable Car Ride
11.45 Leave for Lametaghat - Ashram Visit
1.00 PM Leave for The Penthouse
1.30 PM Lunch
Rest after lunch or go shopping in the city.
4.00 PM Visit Narmada - Gurudwara Gwarighat - Temple Visit
5.00 PM Meet the holy men
6.00 PM Boat Ride -
6.30 - Deep Daan - Puja/Kritan
7.15 Shop around and leave for The Penthouse
8.00 pm - reach The Penthouse for dinner and night stay Day 3 - Leave for next destination
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*Coffee Tea/Fruit juice & Sandwiches are served on the way.
* The tour cost includes all meals, travel by jeep, pick up & transfer and one night stay - extra night costs US$ 150.

Nauradehi & Rani Durgawati Sanctuary Wildlife & Birding Tour

Our tour company Indiana Safari is pioneer in eco tourism and birding in lesser known but fantastic destinations. We deliver exciting bird trips including at Noradehi WLS.

Experience wildlife safari at Nuaradehi WLS a lesser known tourist destination for wildlife watching and birding. Watch unique wildlife - mammals - deer - antelope - wolf - leopard - crocodile - otters - sloth bear and more. Checklist birds unique to the region.

Wildlife Safari & Bird Watching

Nauradehi & Rani Durgawati WLS

Enjoy wildlife watching and birding at Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary a lesser known destination with unique flora and fauna – Indian Wolf, Nilgai, Four Horned Deer, Panther, Chinkara or Indian Gazelle, Sloth Bear, Common Otters, Crocodile, Rhesus Macaque and Langur can be seen here.  Indulge in wildlife photography and birding. Noradehi Dehi WLS has enchanting bird life and birding is a greatly exciting with some avi fauna rarely seen elsewhere.

Rani Durgawati Wildlife Sanctuary is a lesser known destination with unique flora and fauna some distance away from Nauradehi. It is of historical significance with relics of the past belonging to the Gond Dynasty. Birding is exciting here on the steep hills of Bhaisan Ghat. A large number of birds can be seen here. Wildlife watching yields Spotted deer, Sambar, Langurs, Rhesus Macaque, Nilgai, Barking deer, Sloth Bear and Leopard. Places for sightseeing are Nazara Point, Sadbhavna Sikhar and Nidhan Kund. are ideal for nesting of Vultures and eagles besides the falls.


Nauradehi & Rani Durgawati Bird Trip Report

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive Jabalpur - night stay at The Penthouse

Day 2 - 4.30 AM Tea & Breakfast

Start Birding tour for Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary & RDWLS

At Jalpari Lake - Birding will yield migratory ducks, water fowls and waders.

We will be birding through out the way at suitable spots. We will keep watch for raptors, passerine birds, water birds in small lakes on the way. The route goes through some beautiful forest patches which will increase our list of avian species.

wildlife safari

Reach Nauradehi Gate Birding starts at Vyarma River and continues.

We will enter core for some intense birding in the forests and major wetlands. We expect to watch a large number of water and forest birds during our trip. What more we will come across unique wild animals that are much less seen in tiger reserves in Central India. Please go through our checklist of birds of Noradehi.

We will see lots of birds in the lake and trek in the forests to see forest birds. Exciting safari awaits us here.
We will come across Nauradehi Wildlife - Deer, Wolf, Fox, Blue Bulls, Wild Boars

Crocodile Point
Watch crocodiles and birds alongside the river bends and stretches.

bird watching

Lunch Stop 1.45 Min

Start for Rani Durgawati WLS
Birding starts before we reach the WLS and continues along with excellent sightseeing that makes the trip more exciting and pleasure filled. These destinations are yet unexplored by bird lovers and promise new finds. The exotic settings and picturesque terrain make your journey a memorable one. Bird photography is ideal in these habitat with suitable equipment

Tea Stop 20 Min

Start for The Penthouse

PM Reach The Penthouse

  • Coffee Tea/Fruit juice & Sandwiches are served on the way.
  • The tour cost includes all meals, travel by jeep, pick up & transfer and one night stay - extra night costs US$ 150. Please Read !!
  • All the tours are all inclusive of breakfast, lunch, evening tea, dinner, one night stay.
  • Yoga, Deshi massage and photography lessons, road transport and bicycles are available on prior request.
  • Only one day meals and one night stay is included in the tour plans.
  • Extra Night stay will be charged US$150.

Tour Customization - The Packaged Tours can be customized as per your time constraints, personal choice of visiting nearby alternate destinations like Khajuraho. We follow a flexible approach while shaping your tailormade tours. Just call us and we will make full travel arrangements for you. The price of customized tour varies according to destinations chosen.

Jabalpur Package Tour Rates

The package tours are ideal for those visiting Jabalpur or on way to Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pachmarhi, Pench and other nearby destinations. Visiting Jabalpur Hotspots is an enriching and exciting experience further complimented by a grand stay at The Penthouse Homestay Hotel in the city.
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