Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary
Journey of Discovery
One of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India. Nauradehi encompasses an area of more than a thousand square kilometers. It is a lesser known protected forest but is rich in bio diversity. The sanctuary is located in Sagar, Damoh and Narsinghpur districts of Madhya Pradesh in India. Nauradehi is upcoming lesser known tourist destination in India for wildlife safaris and birding.

The refuge is unique jungle safari destination in India and offers wildlife sightings much different from popular tiger reserves of Central India. Indian wolf, Blue Bull or Nilgai, Indian gazelle or Chinkara, Four horned deer and marsh crocodile are much easily sighted here. The refuge offers wild adventure, nature trek and experience of different bio tope and Central Indian wildlife.
Nauradehi is a vast spread encompassing small grasslands, open rocky and scrub forest,dense tropical mixed deciduous forests with high concentration of Saaj. The terrain is rising hills, low valleys interspersed with rivulets and lakes. the life line of the park are two rivers Bamner and Vyarama River the latter forms the boundary of the park.  It is well protected and rich in wildlife. Habitat is ideal for big cats. The pristine forests once boasted of a large population of tigers in India. Though the presence of tigers is often talked about - they are rarely seen now.

A wildlife safari offers possible sighting of Sloth bear, leopard and Indian wolf.  Nuaradehi is one place where the chinkara or Indian gazelle, four horned and barking deer can be easily seen. Langurs and rhesus macaque are common sight. The common otters inhabit the rivers and water bodies at Noradehi.  The Bamner River that flows through the sanctuary is home to crocodiles at places. The crocodile point in the river is a good place to see the reptiles. The Cheola lake is frequented by Blue Bull, Sambar, Chinakara, Spotted deer and other animals. The water body is ideal place for birding. The forest around the lake is ideal for wildlife safaris.

Among birdlife spotted creeper, parakeets, peacocks, minivets, orioles, eagles, storks, owlets and owls, kingfishers, partridges, quails and doves. Lot more work has to be done to checklist the birds of Noradehi.

Checklist of birds of Nauradehi:

Reptiles that can be seen here on a park safari are terrestrial and fresh water turtle, monitor lizard and crocodile. The sanctuary is home to many species of snakes.

The best approach to the sanctuary is near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.  For birding and wildlife safari at the sanctuary package tour is arranged by us. For details please contact us.

Wildlife Tourism

The tourism infrastructure is in form of rough jungle roads, watch towers and rest houses. The visitors are mainly local holiday makers, birders wildlife and nature lovers. Jeep is an ideal vehicle for safaris here. The sanctuary promises lot of surprises. It is a journey of discovery.
The Penthouse operates guided wildlife safari to Nauradehi Sanctuary from Jabalpur. The package includes guided wildlife and birding safari to Nauradehi WLS and sightseeing at Rani Durgawati Sanctuary about fifty kilometers and visit to Marble Rocks at Jabalpur. The accommodation for night stay is provided at The Penthouse.

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