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Narmada River

Of virtues & penance
The Virgin River Narmada originates at Amarkantak in Maikal Hills and passes through Jabalpur on its way to Bharuch. At Bharuch in Gujarat, it merges into the Arabian Sea after traversing a distance of 1312 kilometers.

Gwarighat at Jabalpur

Virgin River Narmada is one of the holiest rivers for the Hindus. The Narmada Bank at Gwarighat is deeply revered by the Hindus. It is where sacred rites and rituals are performed. It is a sanctorum for the pious in quest of spirituality and peace. The ghat is abode of Sadhus or Sants that perform religious ceremonies meditate and accord spiritual discourse to the believers.  Lot of fun fairs and religious functions are held at this colorful Ghat and its stepped embankment. On banks of the river major Hindu temples are found.
Guru Nanak Dev stopped and preached here. There is a famous Gurudwara Gwarighat Saheb on the other side of Gwarighat.
Jabali Rishi
Jabali Rishi the Hindu Saint after whom Jabalpur is named spent a number of years meditating on the banks of the river. The cave at Marble Rocks was one of his shelters.
Deep Daan
The essence of visit to Gwarigaht is to let float lighted clay lamps known as "deep" in Hindi on river surface. Every evening hundreds of pious pay homage to the river by "Deep Daan" amidst chanting of holy mantras and prayers. It is an enigmatic moment as river livens up with thousands of flickering clay lamps against the night sky.
Narmada Parikrama
The devout perform circumnavigation or Holy Narmada Parikrama of the River Goddess. Such is the sanctity of this ancient river that a mere sight of it washes one’s sins away. The ritualistic dip is performed on all occasions of religious significance and is of tremendous importance to the devout. To be cremated at the banks of the holy river is a desire of all devout Hindus. Narbada is referred to as Shankari the daughter of Lord Shankar since it is by His perspiration that the river is said to form. Narmada is mentioned in Hindu religious text and scriptures.  The River Ganges is said to cleanse herself from the waters of this holy river.

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