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Marble Rocks & Dhuandhar Falls

Gorge at River Narmada
The gorge at Marble Rocks & steaming falls called Dhuandhar characterize the elemental grace and panoramic magnificence of the Narmada River.  The ten meter gorge through which gushes the River Narmada is a picturesque marvel of marble inscribed with hues of dazzling colors.

Boating at Bhedaghat

Most exciting element of visit to Marble Rocks or Beraghat is the boat ride. One gets a wide view of the colors in the stones while navigating the turbid waters of the river here. The boat ride during the full moon night is a romantic and heart throbbing experience as shafts of light of the full moon fall on the silent but colorful rock surface. The cool waters and sprays from the splashing oar pierce the silence adding to the excitement. Boating is a unique experience which all tourists eagerly indulge in.

Dhuandhar Falls

The river gushes down as the fault level drops. The falls are an enchanting spectacle as the river tumbles down in between the jutting rocks. From the falls emanate sprays of fine mist and white water droplets hence the name – Dhuandhar or Smoky falls. The white water pummel down to form a Gorge known as the Marble Rocks.

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