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Tigers amidst ancient ruins
Tiger safari at Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India is unique. It is a wildlife safari that transgresses through history while trekking tigers.  The Fort at Bandhavgarh dates back 2000 years and is mentioned in Skanda Purana and Hindu scriptures. Lord Rama gifted the Fort to his brother Lakshman hence the name Bandhavgarh Fort (Bandhav = brother). The reclining Vishnu at Sesh Shaiyya is amazing in sculpture and a delight in belief. The pond adjacent is a fairy teal scenario with ferns and shrubs adding to the grace. A small spring emerges from in between the verdant greenery which adds radiance to the scenario.   

Tigers rule this little paradise of dense tropical forests, wild denizens, man made caves, stables, temples and a fort in ruins.
Bandhavgarh national park
Bandhavgarh National Park is the most picturesque of tiger reserves in India. It is 450 sq km park with highest density of tigers in India. Other wild life seen are sambar deer, spotted deer,  leopard, wild dogs, jackal, Hanuman langur, rhesus monkey, wild boars and for the lucky ones sight of a sloth bear scampering past.
Tiger Safari
Your safari on gypsy criss crosses spectacular Bandhavgarh landscape amidst echo of startling jungle sounds. An alarm cry is sure shot indicator of a tiger nearby. It could be a leopard - rare sight! You roll past marshy grasslands, steep rocky climbs and dense forests of Sal and Bamboo. The meadows are enchanting, engulfed by steep hillocks and meandering rivers. Short elephant rides are another way of trekking tiger in the wild.

Bandhavgarh exhibits an amazing bio diversity, the forests comprise of pure Sal belts, bamboo on slopes and mixed forest zones. The grasslands though smaller than Kanha National Park are wet and marshy. They provide ideal hunting grounds for the tigers.    

Birding at Bandhavgarh tiger reserve offers more than 250 species recorded so far. The check list includes winter visitors. Common birds are the Serpent and Crested Hawk eagles, Shikra, Long Billed and White Backed Vultures, orioles, flycatchers, drongos, warblers, babblers, minivets, nuthatches, shrikes and many more.
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Reaching Bandhavgarh: Overnight train Utkal Express reaches Umaria from Delhi which 32 kms from the Park. New Delhi is well connected by Air to Jabalpur. Bandhavgarh is at a distance of 175 kms by road from Jabalpur. Jabalpur is also connected by railway to Umaria station. Other routes are through Satna, Katni, Khajuraho and Kanha the latter two being about 7 hours drive.
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