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Indian Foods

Of fire in the belly
Indian food is characterized by the use of hot spices in the culinary preparations all over the country. This is not an absolute truth since Indians make the finest in sweets and deserts besides hot curry. Nevertheless Indian food is unique thanks to the pot pourri of cultures that integrated together since centuries.
Indian recipes are mind boggling. Each recipe can be cooked in its own style using local ingredients and flavors.  The same simple recipe can be cooked in thousands of manner depending upon the regions.
The major emphasis in Indian Cooking is on vegetables, lentils and local spices. The emphasis is no less on non vegetarian delicacies but a vast majority of Indians are vegetarians. Vegetarian food is universal in India. Amongst non vegetarian food Tandoori and Mughlai recipes dominate and in coastal regions Malayali food from Kerala and Goan foods are gastronomic delights.
South Indian food availability is wide spread in India and constitutes light eating. Gujarati snacks and Punjabi whole some meals with variety of breads are consumed in road side stalls and posh restaurants.   Marwari food from the state of Rajasthan has a unique character be it meat dishes, lentil soup or vegetables. It is rich and spicy with touch of pre independent Royalties. Indian butter or ghee is used generously in Marwari dishes and sweets.
Jabalpur offers a mix of all traditions, being a cosmopolitan town with integration of communities from all over India. The food style in Restaurants is unique and the best place to relish this food style in Jabalpur is The Penthouse. The restaurant specializes in both non vegetarian and vegetarian dishes prepared by an expert Chef. Whence in the city do touch us for Gala lunch and dinner or Romantic Dining at Rooftop at Ideal Hills.
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